June 29, 2010

The Power of Relationships

"The relationship between a person and  another is the most powerful therapeutic tool there is!"

Why is it some people are able to heal, progress rapidly and/or make amazing life style changes; and some people can't or don't? It is often due to the strength/existence of their personal and clinical RELATIONSHIPS- Carl Rogers (famous phsychologist who developed the foundation for Western Education System).

I am going to tell you the THREE qualities that you can develop which have the ability to transform a regular relationship into a therapeutic one too (this means it has the capacity to treat, prevent or manage disease)!
(I think this applies to clinical relationships AS WELL AS PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS)
  1. Respect
  2. Genuineness (trustworthy)
  3. Empathy
  RESPECT: what exactly is this? this is accepting someone as they are without being judgmental.  It's looking at someone as an individual and as a valued member of society and YOUR life.

GENUINENESS: this is the ability to be YOURSELF in a relationship despite your role (i.e. mother, wife, friend, employee...).  Also, added by me, I feel it is having a true and honest interest on their behalf.  You really want the best for that person... regardless how reckless, obnoxious, wonderful they are!

EMPATHY: This one is really important to distinguish from sympathy.  To have empathetic qualities you gain the ability to "APPRECIATE" that person's experiences.  THE ACTIONS associated with empathy include: LISTENING to total communication which include their gestures, feelings AND words.

Remember when dealing with your loved ones, peers, coleugues, and co-workers that YOUR RELATIONSHIP with them is scientifically proven to be ONE of the BEST defenses against disease, or disease progression, and/or healing from disease (and for your own "warm fuzzies").

Certain phrases can have a calming effect, no MATTER HOW STRESSED THEY ARE: these statements are those which ACKNOWLEDGE fears, feelings & concerns - this allows someone to feel "heard and validated."
 So think twice before damaging your relationships, because there is more at stake than meets the eye!!!
Love, Kim :)


Erika Hanks said...

You are a SUPER blogger now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interesting stuff too!
I have read all of it!

Rebekah said...

I like your little comics!! They're funny!!

Anonymous said...

Love this concept. Its so true. I completely agree!

Seth and Brittney said...

welcome to my profession.... I love this stuff!

Renae said...

I love your posts lately. I also love the cute little pictures and comic strips you add!


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