September 10, 2010

My New "Medical" Blog

So I finally made another blog, beause I had a lot of people having difficulties with my medical posts on my personal blog, sooooo after a lot of work (because I don't know how to do this kind of stuff very well) and enlisting my sister Sara to design it for me, I have my new PA/medical blog

I have created a Food Friday Post for today so take a look and enjoy.

Of course we are still keeping our current blog.  Please become followers of my new blog, as I have been getting a lot of feedback from people really liking it, but I want to see who you are!

Thanks everyone!

Til' we meet again! Kim

September 9, 2010

Philadelphia & New York! Our vacation three weeks ago!

So over my intercession break, Jake and I completed one of our dreams.  We went to New York!  First we flew into Philadelphia and me up with my sister Sara who was living in Cherry Hill NJ.  We had such a good time, Cody and Sara work for Pinacle Security and they just had someone move out of the Pinacle housing and so Jake and I had our OWN apartment!!!! It was a blast.  The first thing we did was go to the Jersey Shore (no I didn't see Snooki???).  I have to say it was one of the very best beach days I have ever had.  I absolutely was in heaven.
Me obviously (self portrait) I do those a lot!

Jake and Cody decided to build a huge hole in the sand (??? don't get it) but it was very successful!  I think they dug this hole for an hour :)

Sara (my sister) who is so cutely pregnant and Cody!

As you can see Jake was full of ENTHUSIASM upon arrival to the beach!!! He loves the beach!

This little guy, WAS MY MOST FAVORITE PART OF THE TRIP (no offense Sara & Cody & Jake).  This is Sara's dog Peanut!  he is awesome and I just love him, I wanted to take him home with me :)

Me again, lets just say I normally don't like swimsuit pictures on my blog, but I want some proof someday that I have not gained myself in body weight in PA school YET!!!  hahahaha  hopefully we can keep it that way (a good 10 lbs or so is fine)

After the Jersey shore, the next day we went to downtown Philadelphia and our first stop was the Betsy Ross House.  If you notice my sister and I wore red, white and blue in honor of our historical tour, yes maybe we are annoying.  Notice that Jake did not dress for the occasion!

Here Jake is making "pretend" homemade food at Betsy's house!  It was funny cuz, this was one of our favorite parts of the house!

Me making a Turkey pot pie in the wood burning oven, ahhhh the joys of modern cooking that we don't have to deal with that :)

Next we went to the oldest inhabited street in the US, "Elfreth's Alley."  It was so charming and I adore old architecture and walking down this historic street was a blast to the past.

So pretty, RIGHT!

Of course the Liberty Bell!

My sister and I in front of Independance Hall, I was so bummed because there were not any more tickets for the day, so I missed out on one of my lifelong dreams, of standing in the same room as John Adams!  But, honestly it was just as lovely on the outside, as I'm sure it is inside.

Next we of course had to get the famous "Philly-cheese-steak" at this cute diner!

Another great attraction we visited was the Ben Franklin Institute.  Of course you have me in front of my favorite museum attraction "The Heart"  you actually walk through the heart on sort of a "little tour."  It was fantastic!!!

Jake and Cody inside the Left Ventricle of the heart, sooooo awesome (notice red & blue and me in white and blue... we are so patriotic!).

Jake playing with small crane!

We attended the Nefertiti Exibit, we were not able to take pictures in the exhibit, so we took pictures in the gift shop. It was so interesting and best of all the Nefertiti exhibit is sponsored by Hilti (Jake's company).

From Philly we then went to NY, NY! First off, I thought SF had a lot of people, NY blows everything out of the water, so amazing!

Then comes my most favorite part of our entire trip, Mary Poppins on Broadway!!! This play was so amazing, I was in love with it the entire time.  Jake was so awesome and bought me tickets to  see it, he absolutely loved it too, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

This is me trying the world famous Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity.  BTW if you noticed a change in length of my hair from beginning to now, my sister took me to the ghetto's of Philly where I had it done for ultra cheep, the woman who put them in didn't even speak enlish.  This was my anniversary present from Jake!  He's so sweet!  BTW I didn't love the frozen hot chocolate, just OK.

Jake with his TO DIE FOR cheesecake at Seredipity.

Times Square was one of my favorite things, it glows like crazy at night and was so chuck full of people and things that it could almost make you dizzy.  Jake and I sat on some little tables with creme sodas and watched people and looked at the lights and adds for over an hour at 11:00 PM, such an experience.  A bit crazy there, but truly a fun experience. 

We did not do the Statue of Lady tour, so if you look really close at this picture you can see her in the background (very small).

And last but not least the NY, NY Temple.   My friend told me that the temple walls are built again on the inside, so that they do not touch the world in any way.  So the outer walls that you see are not the actual temple walls!

A so concludes our adventure, which was so fully enjoyed!


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