August 31, 2010

Two fantastic blog posts; extremely thought provoking!

I do not have anything from myself today as the rigors of school find me almost a basket case :)  But, I wanted to share a link to my sisters blog.  When I read both of these posts I fell in love with them. My sister has a real gift for writing and always has, this is something I lack and I often HATE writing (unless it's blog posts about vaccines or food!).

The first is about our attitudes and our ability and freedom to change them.  I loved this post and absolutely loved how it made me think deeply inside myself and remember that I always have control over any situation (it just might not be how I want it).  That control is my attitude. ENJOY here!

The next post by my sister (Sara), is based on an article written by an LDS San Jose State professor (who is Sara's friends mom).  The article particularily focuses on differentiation between envy and competition.  The actual article is entitled "Toward a More Authentic Sisterhood."  This article addresses LDS women and how to better support, uplift and prize one another. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to read this article and ponder many of it's points.  I especially like Sara's take on it!  ENJOY this post here!

August 22, 2010

Many days of drought!!!

I know it's been three weeks since I've posted for anyone who is interested.  I was in finals week and then in NY for a week and then my mom was visiting for a week and on top of that, no internet installed in my new house yet! So stay tuned if you like my posts for new ones this week!



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