January 22, 2012

Jake's 30th!

So I know this post is late and I have not written anything in a very long time, but I figured I should update everyone regarding Jake's new age status.  He has left the 20's realm and entered the 30's.  I know he probably will hat this post, but I am thrilled for him!  I had an exceptional surprise birthday party that our awesome friends Sherry and Dan offered to host.  His birthday night started with an awesome dinner at an authentic Peruvian restaurant in SF, with our awesome friends Chris & Masha.  Afterwards, Chris and Masha left with an excuse to get their incredibly well behaved child from their parents only to surprise Jake at Dan & Sherry's later.  Before we got to Dan and Sherry's we stopped off at Nordstrom Rac (to kill time in order for the guests to arrive) and I tried to convince Jake that we needed to leave because I was tired and didn't want to shop, however convincing Jake to leave was actually quite difficult. 

After getting him out of the store I made up an excuse to stop by their house and another to get him in the door.  At the door, Dan smoothly stated "hey guys, you know it's pretty late, Sherry is just in the living room and you can get the papers from her..." we stepped around the corner and Jake saw our other friends and they all yelled happy birthday.  His face was hilarious, he didn't expect anything, he was thoroughly surprised and excited. He was so suprised by Chris and Masha who beat us there our other friends helped make it a special night too Amy & Shawn, Katy & Greg. 

He was pretty spoiled this year with a new snap shirt, workout shirt, Enders Game the book, a kitties & friends daily calendar, and .......  a new wedding band.  I chose a Cobalt brushed band.  I decided to get him one because he broke his ring finger a year ago and has been wearing his wedding ring on a necklace and periodically wearing it on his finger only to suffer for 10 minutes trying to get it off, as his knuckle is now deformed and big :)

But, enough of the details.... I am just so thrilled to celebrate this milestone with Jake, he is truly an amazing man.  I am so grateful to have him in my life and am so proud of his many accomplishments and dedication to our family, home and the gospel, a few of which include completing a BA program and MBA, landing a great job with Schindler and working his hardest every day to excel and take it to the next level.  He is training for his first 10k and has become an avid BBQ'r and cook.  He is an Indian and Thai food connoisseur and knows everything there is to know about every sports person/program/type.  Above all he sacrificed two years of his life to serve the Lord, but more importantly has dedicated his entire life to the Lord and silently serving friends, family and others.  He has always been my role model, my hero and my best friend!  I love you Jakey and thank you Barbara & Larry for bringing this ray of sunshine (95% of the time) to me! 

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY 30th birthday and here's to a minimum of 30 years together (on this earth)

Love, Kim


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