July 1, 2010

The Most Inexpensive, Easiest, and No-Effort Way to Nearly Eliminate Infectious Disease!!!

So I have been trying to note themes that keep popping up in random places, and I really like the concept of avoiding disease rather than getting it, and then having to fix and treat it.

So I was thinking the other day, Is washing your hand after going to the bathroom really necessary? In my brain, unless you are poking your fingers in your feces, most of the time you only touch the toilet paper, handles and out the door you go.   So what is the point of washing EVERY time.  Is it really because we obtain so many nasty bacteria from our feces that ends up floating around in the air and magically lands on our fingers and if we don't wash our hands we will come down with infection?
  • BTW I want to add, that I know we have all left the bathroom without washing our hands and have probably remained quite happy and well.  
So as I thought about this further... I figured out that when it comes to infections via bacteria, viruses or fungi etc... your primary line of defense is WASHING YOUR HANDS!!! I know we have heard things like this before, but it isn't your antibacterial kitchen cleansers, sometimes not your purell hand soap (because if you note the term ANTIBACTERIAL does not apply to viruses or fungi), which prevent you from getting sick.  It truly is GOOD OLD HAND WASHING, you can rest assured that the washing your hands (for at least the length of the "ABC" song) should be the most INEXPENSIVE, EASIEST, AND LAZIEST way to prevent infectious disease!

So how do we keep track or remember to wash our hands every other hour or so???? Just make a habit of washing after you use the bathroom!!!  SO SIMPLE RIGHT.  Not only are you making sure you eliminate any of the POOP that you get while prodding it, BUT you also are participating in THE MEDICAL FIELDS GREATEST DEFENSE VS. INFECTIOUS DISEASE. I bet you had not idea that you really were super smart!!  So don't skip the hand washing after the bathroom and if you haven't washed your hands in two hours, take your lazy bum to the sink and rest assured that your effort is WELL worth the EFFORT!!!

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Renae said...

I wash my hands probably more than most people, and I hardly ever get sick. It works!


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