December 31, 2007

Traveling To Utah

Jake's mission companion Carson who we love to visit with his "wife" Rikki who is not shown, but we are pretending that she is in the picture because we are sad that we didn't get one with her. We love them both!

December 30, 2007

more motorcycle...

Since it's still pretty nice weather here in Phoenix, Kim and I took the bike out for a nice little post-Christmas drive. It was a little chilly with the wind in your hair, but not too bad.....

December 8, 2007

A WHAT!!!!!!!!???????

When I came home from work the other day, I found Jake sitting on the couch looking like this! He had shaved his beard and left a Hick-Mustache. I have no idea what the real term is for this horrible look. It was funny though! Little tip don't let your husbands grow beards, because it could turn into this.

My Christmas Tree!

If anybody knows me well, they know that I absolutely love Christmas and especially Christmas Trees. I love ornaments and the bright lights on the tree! Here's mine and Jake's tree, hope you enjoy!

December 1, 2007

St. Louis again...

Kim and I in Forest Park by the St. Louis Art Museum.
Kim's pretty happy they picked us up in a limo...
Pretty fascinating Christmas tree in the hotel lobby.
The mighty Mississippi River.

And finally the amazing St. Louis Cardinals stadium...

November 24, 2007

Family Pictures.....

Front Row - Jennifer, Haley, Sara
Back Row - Kathy, Jake, Kim, Steve

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, Kim's family came down to Arizona to visit and since we hadn't ever taken a family picture with everyone, we enlisted the services of Jennifer Petty and her fabulous photography company, JP Photography. (

November 11, 2007

Beautiful St. Louis!!

Well, I am in St. Louis, Missouri for a few days doing some stuff for school. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do much sightseeing while I am here and I haven't yet. Except for the huge gigantic arch right outside my hotel window. At least I don't have to go very far to see it. When I told my old man I was coming out here he asked me if I'm going to join a mob. I don't get it.....

November 4, 2007

Halloween 2007...

Ya, Halloween is always a lot of fun at our house....Kim loves to go all out and that includes dressing me up to. I was hoping the make-up would make me unrecognizable.

October 26, 2007

Camping in the Desert...

I am pretty much sick of school after a whole 6 weeks and being stuck inside the stupid big city of Phoenix had taken its toll. So the other day we just picked up and left and drove a few hours to what the people down here call mountains and camped. It was a lot of fun, we (I) made a big fire and took some pictures overlooking some really high cliff that is part of the Colorado plateau. Good times...

October 20, 2007

Scottsdale Car Show...

I'd like to own a Mercedes someday....this one would be nice.
Kim has her heart set on a Mini. A little girly, but at least it has racing stripes.
My favorite was the Camaro SS 327. And Kim was my favorite too.
I don't know what this car was. It was big and black. Kim liked it. I don't know what that means.

So every weekend for the last 20 years in Scottsdale, Arizona about a hundred old car guys get together a local McDonald's and put on a car show for the public. We got a bunch of people together and went to check it out and it was actually pretty impressive.

October 7, 2007

Halloween 2006!

Kim as a Fairy, me as myself.
Paige Frakes as herself, Jordan Frakes as Heath Ledger.
Dawson Westenskow as a wrestling official and Jenn as a better looking Dawson in high school.

As you can tell, I'm all about uploading as many new blog posts as I can tonight. Actually, I just found some random pictures on my camera and decided to upload them all. For Halloween last year we got together with some friends and dressed up for a big party. It was a lot of fun and Kim loves to dress up. As you can probably tell, I just dressed up as myself.

Asian Night Baby!!

Some random guy, little Bridger and Jen Allen, Tyler and Erika Hanks and Kim and myself.
Um, not really sure what's going on here.
Me, some random guy's kid and Kim.

So here at Thunderbird besides being constantly drilled by the business school they periodically make us become more culturally inclined. Since over 50% of the students here are foreign, I guess that's not a bad idea. Asian night was this big party of well, mostly Asian stuff. The food was good and at least not all the entertainment was in anime cartoon.

2nd anniversary...a few months late...

Right, well for our anniversary in August, Kim and I went to the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa. It was a really nice place and they even bumped us up to a nice suite for the big occasion. Since we had just moved to Arizona, we didn't know really where to go, but Kim had seen a History Channel special on this place, so we gave it a shot...turned out great.

October 1, 2007

the last missionary...

(Seth, Nate, Jake)

Well, the last missionary of my family at least. My littlest brother Nate (the one in the middle) left on his mission to California San Bernadino on September 12th. My other brother Seth is the other kid in the picture, he is down at BYU studying who knows what. And then there's me. I flew up to Utah from lovely Arizona to see him off, it was a lot of fun.

August 22, 2007

New Ride...

After we had settled in nicely to our new Arizona home, we decided to start looking at alternate modes of transportation for me to get to school, other than Kim's car. We live within a 5 block radius of my school, Kim's job at the hospital and her one class this fall at ASU. So we looked around and decided to get a motorcycle to run around on. It'll be nice to be able to ride all year round and take fun little trips here and there. I hadn't ridden a motorcycle much since I was a kid, but it came back pretty quick!

August 12, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

A lime green kitchen/dining/office room.
Our freshly painted living room.
One beautiful bathroom.

Well, we made it through the big move. I arrived in Glendale, Arizona on July 29th and Kim flew down the week after, once she had finished all her summer classes. We've been extremely busy painting our new apartment and trying to get everything unpacked and decorated. As you can see, Kim has done a pretty good job with things. Our place is small, but we love it.

It's been pretty hot since we've been here, usually a high around 105 to 110 with lows at night from 85 to 90. Its going to start to cool off soon, which will be nice. You can only spend so many hours a day at the pool!

I start my classes in a few weeks and I have some orientations coming up soon. It will be busy, but fun. We plan on going to some Diamondbacks, Cardinals, and Coyotes games, and anything else exciting we can do. We have had a great time since we've been down here, and look forward to more good times.


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