June 17, 2010

Nathan & Sara Visit in April 2010

So I realize how long it has been since I posted anything, so I thought I would post a few pictures of when Jakes brother Nathan and his sister Sara came to visit in April. I loved having them visit, they were so much fun. Most of the pictures are compliments of aspiring photographer Sara. We went to alcatraz and the beach. When we were getting cupcakes with our good friends Bekah & Kyle & Nate and Sara we saw Merideth from one of our favorite shows "The Office." One of our favorite activities was taking Nate and Sara (and Bekah & Kyle) to eat at the Sushi Boat, where we all sat around a bar like setting that had the sushi chef in the middle with a river flowing around the small sushi kitchen. On the river were miniature boats with plates of sushi, each plate with different kinds. The price is based on the kind of plate that you choose. It was such a fun experience and Sara especially loved it!

There is nothing funner for us than when people come to visit, so please come visit beautiful San Francisco!

Love Kim!


Savannah said...

You guys have so much fun! Cute pictures! You met Meredith! She's actually kind of cute in real life :)
Come visit soon!

Jess Heather & CK said...

I would love to come visit you in San Fran someday! I've never been! And you always ALWAYS look so fabulous!!


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