June 22, 2010


.... Better known as bladder infection.  I bet you can guess what my lecture was about today!

I decided to write a little bit about this because there are 150 million cases worldwide each year and Women are 30X more likely to get a bladder infection than men.

I have known many who suffer form this and it is extremely painful, so some info!

Some risk factors include,  first; the use of spermacide (with the ingredient nonoxynol-9- AVOID THIS) and secondly FAILURE TO EMPTY THE BLADDER, i.e. holding your urine for long periods of time.  This is extremely important, when you have to go to the bathroom, GO!  Thirdly, dehydration.  It is extremely important that you drink plenty of WATER so as to keep your urine at a dilute concentration. 

Some ways to avoid getting cystitis include: going to the bathroom regularly, good hygiene, POST-SEX voiding, hydration and .... STRAIGHT UP CRANBERRY JUICE (none of the 15% sweetened stuff, 100% pure).

Something to think about too if they are recurrent, is to consider doing a cleanse which would reset your natural flora.  I often would suggest things like all-natural cleanses using pure fruit and vegetable juices after you use antibiotics, so as to reset the flora of your gut and pelvis, because antibiotics are necessary to kill the "bad guys" but also kills the "good guys."  So consider past antibiotic history, if you get recurrent bladder infections.

Also note that it is important to treat bladder infections IMMEDIATELY as they can travel to your kidneys and turn into a medical emergency.

Hope this is informative!  If you have children this can be a concern so be aware!



Bekah and Kyle said...

My bladder is made of steel:-) Hehe PS YUCK 100% cranberry juice... I don't thik I'd be able to do that hehe!

EmWJ said...

Ok, while informative, this kind of post just scares me! The more pregnant I get, the easier it is to get this (probably having to do with the bladder being squished). Here's hoping I keep drinking it away!

Barb said...

I love all of your medical posts! I learn so much.


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