June 12, 2010

Mom visits!

Sorry this has been such a long time since we have posted, sometimes I think we forget that we have a blog, but I am posting a few fun pictures of when my mom came to visit in the beginning of May. It was great to have her out to see us, she was able to come one week after she graduated from nursing school (AMAZING!). We had a
blast. We went to the Japanese Tea Gardens, and drove around in little yellow cars all over the city. I took her to my favorite asian cuisine and we went to a great french bakery. All in all a great trip, and it sure was fun having her visit! It is always sad to see my family go when they go, but we'll see each other soon!



Erika Hanks said...

Yeah! Update more, I miss not seeing what you are up to! Hope all is well! We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

How cute! Those yellow cars look awesome! You guys have to come to Philly and we can rent these crazy fiver person bikes...we can put this dog in the basket in the middle haha! Anyways I am glad you finally posted again!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Kim! I love that picture of you and Jake in the header at the top of your blog. It is so cute. I love how he is squinting cause of the sun and you look perfect and all modelesque! Too cute! Glad you guys are doing well!


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