June 21, 2010


I just wanted to shout out to all the fathers out there "Happy fathers day!" in particular my father - Stephen R. Mahoney.  

May dad has always been so special to me.  I am grateful for his kindness and love, and for everything he's taught me.  I think what I've learned most from him is the value of hard work. But, along with that also the value of enjoying life and having fun weather it be by camping, BBQ's, boating, or mowing the lawn!  I just have always felt such a great amount of gratitude for my dad's support, and his ability to always be someone I can talk to and communicate with, without feelings of inadequacy. I am always so impressed with a father's ability to work everyday for his family and to give up so much of himself to support his children.  I feel like mothers get a lot of the credit, but fathers deserve a lot too.  I have always felt that fathers have a very special ability to give to their kids and at the same time keep awesome humor which lightens up each day and makes it exciting!

So dad I love you and thanks for being such a great dad!  I love you lots and always will

Love, Kim

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