February 22, 2011

Ideas for Young Women Activities

So I am involved in YW and am very interested in hearing anyone's ideas for YW activities.  I have a few, but I know my awesome, talented friends have participated in many YW activities.  What are some of your favorites, please share with me! 

TTYS ;) Kim


Renae said...

I can't remember if you were in Young Women's when we did this activity. It was so much fun though. The theme was modesty, and we did a modest fashion show. Afterwards, the girls got to each choose a barbie doll and fabric to make a modest outfit for. They loved it.

Fit - Healthy - Strong said...

YW- I haven't thought about YW since our Freshman year... but I did hear of an activity my sisters ward did. They made earings holder. They are way cute! Very crafy! Jael

Savannah and Braden said...

How do you even have time for this? It was good to hear from you! Thanks for the sweet comment! My life is surely not as exciting as yours so it's fun to hear you even look at my blog. :) You should do another race- work it out so next time you visit your families a race is going on and we can do one together! That would be so fun I think . . . but no I'm not signed up for a race but I got a little Garmin watch that lets me know my pace so I'm working on being faster but haven't been logging as much mileage. It's hard too because it's been poopy outside and I hate treadmill running. We need to talk soon! Did Brooke talk to you about a reunion? LOL. It would be fun though, it's so hard to get everyone together though. Well miss- you are sure the adventurer but the thing I'm the most envious of is the monkey! I've always wanted to hold a monkey! :) Have a great week! Hopefully we will get together one of these days!


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