March 20, 2011

San Diego here I come :/

So in a week I am moving to San Diego for 6 weeks to complete my Internal Medicine rotation.  For the next year I will be moving every 6 weeks, back to my house and somewhere else back and forth, back and forth.  I don't know what to think about this.  Anything is BETTER at this point than sitting in my classroom for hours on end, but by the end of the year, having to leave Jake again and again is going to try me.  Man, this schooling takes it all sometimes.... but, on the bright side Jake and I are going to go to Disney Land while I am down there and lots of time at the beach, as we will see each other every weekend. 

I am finishing up my surgery rotation and have loved every minute of it, besides being allergic to some of the soap.  I'm pretty excited for San Diego!!!

Until next time!



Cruz Crew said...

It's hard, but it'll be so worth it. You have worked so hard for this. You guys are strong and can do ANYTHING! Miss you guys.

Bekah and Kyle said...

Awww- good luck in San Diego! We will we visiting Orange County and San Diego April 7th through 13th, can we come see you??

Annie said...

You are AMAZING! have fun on your adventures! sorry you have to leave your hubby so much but it is what you have been working so hard for. I really admire your desire to learn and make so much of yourself. Love you girl!


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