February 3, 2011

More Uyuni!!!

So for those of you who don't know, one of my favorite things about visiting Peru and Bolivia are the Llama's.  I think they are so beautiful and they have such an arrogant face, that you can't help but bother them as much as possible.  Most of the time the locals tie little bells and bright colored fabric to their necks or ears to keep track of them. 
As you can see the terrain in Uyuni is very dry (seco) and has little Oases throughout this desert-like area.  The sky is one massive expanse that travels so far with small mountains in the background.  I loved this trip because we jeeped for at least three hours on dirt roads to get this far.  We were literally in the middle of nowhere or as I like to think "God's country." 
My favorite Llama picture because this little guy finally decided to give me the time of day......Isn't he beautiful.  I love the desert background.
This is a picture of the laguna Colorado, otherwise known as the "Pink Lagoon"  if you look in the picture below, you will see that there are flamingo's here year round.  I think that the weirdest combination of animals is definitely Llama's and Flamingos.  The Flamingo's are pink because of the algae that they eat.
This is one of my most favorite pictures because it demonstrates the remoteness of the area, and the beautiful red lake and a flamingo and a wind storm.  Pretty amazing RIGHT!
This is just a picture of a perfectly pointed mountain and demonstrates the beauty of this lake so well.  I was imagining that, that pointed mountain is really an Incan pyramid covered in dirt, that is why it is so perfect.  If you look at that white sandy stuff, that is actually a medium that is used to make glass, I can't remember the name of it, but that is probably why the water is so glassy looking :)  I just thought what a beautiful landscape, so far out in the middle of nowhere.
Next we jeeped a couple of hours to the geysers and mud pots.  They are really so random, we're driving around  in desert and all of a sudden these beauties pop out of nowhere.   The cool thing about them, is there are no rules where you go, I pretty much walked right through them and got some of the steaming mud on my pants.
This is my favorite picture of the geysers, because it looks like we are in the clouds, me and my buddy Suzzane!  what an experience, loved every minute of it!
Next we went to a natural hot spring, or hot pot, the best thing about it is that it was in the middle of nowhere, once again.  If you look at the background and that beautiful landscape, it's like we were swimming at the end of the world.  In the picture are my friends Erin, Suzanne, Ruth, Maria, me and Craig.
Another beautiful flamingo!!!
Afterwards me and my friends all had a modeling session (no making fun of me) but I like this photo so much because it demonstrates the vastness and remoteness of the area.  Have you ever seen a more beautiful world!
More of me, but you will notice that the Southern parts of Bolivia are similar to Utah, because we are now leaving the deserts and Geysers and getting into some red rock formations. 

This cute little bunny-looking thing is called a Biscotcha, it looks like a mix between a rabbit and a squirrel.
Ruth, me and Suzanne
we are sitting on a rock formation that we considered a duck, we are technically sitting it it's mouth.  The name for all of these rocks are called the rock gardens.  They are actually molten lava deposits from many years ago and they expand for miles.

This is a picture of one of my hotel rooms there, it was pretty because they used the molten rock as a wall, to give it an artistic appeal. 
Next, we commenced our journey to the salt flats were we started driving through at least 6-12 inches deep of mud.  A solid lake of mud that we drove through for about 20 minutes.  there was a while where one of the windshield wipers stopped working and I couldn't see anything but sheets of mud.  We couldn't stop or else we would get stuck.  Definitely an experience.
Me in front of our muddy car, that got kind of washed off becuase the mud was so watery. 


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