June 26, 2008

My college roommate Jenny Shaw

For my birthday which was June 11th I was in Branson MO, with my old college roommate Jenny Shaw. She recently returned home from her mission in New Mexico and told me her and her family were going to Branson MO, and because I live in St. Louis MO, which is about four hours away I went to visit her for four days. We had a blast. It was so good to see her, I haven't seen her for two years and it was nice to spend some time with her, I partied while Jake worked. The first night we went to an Elvis Presley concert (imitation of course.... or maybe he's still alive). The next day we went to the Spirit of the Dance concert, which was amazing. It's an Irish dancing group and they were fabulous. That afternoon we then went to this amazing restraunt called "Steak-and-Shake" and let me tell you I absolutely love those steak hamburgers, if anyone ever comes to the Midwest you must stop in at a Steak-and-Shake. We then went to the theme park Silver City and that was really fun as well. We were going to ride the roller coaster 23 times in a row in honor of my birthday but we got to 10 times in a row and decided that was good enough. That night we went to a Mikey Gilley country concert, I didn't know who he was, Jenny's dad picked it out, turns out if anyone has ever seen Urban Cowboy, Mickey Gilley wrote most of those songs and was a hit back in the day. Overall I had a great Birthday and an awesome vacation. Jenny and I went searching for some karyoke one night and found some and as it turns out it was more of a bar than a karyoke spot, so we decided to leave. It was pretty funny, because Jenny is such a newly returned missionary and I'm a married Mormon girl and we just didn't fit so well there. Needless to say Jenny is not Missionary-weird any more!


Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Happy B-day Kim!!! It sounds like you had a fun week with your friend! Are you guys enjoying MO? Does Jake like his internship? And holy moly - 10 times on a roller coaster in a row!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had some fun for your birthday! which one of the Branson hotels did you stay at?


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