June 30, 2008

The City Museum

Sara, Ashley, Cecily and I at the City Museum in St. Louis MO. This Museum is the most amazing place I have ever been.
This museum was started by a man who made everything from scrap metal and junk.
It is called the "adult playground" because everything in the museum is adult sized and adult climb and crawl throught the entire thing as well as kids.
There are slinkies that you climb in that go up into the ceiling, and slides that drop into holes in the floor.
You end up crawling up through tubes in the ceiling, and through mazes of fake caves in the basement.
The pictures shown are of the outside of the museum. But the inside is double the size.
Sara, Ashley, Cecily, Barbara and Larry all had a great time. If you go to St. Louis this is a must see. I would even say make a specific trip to St. Louis just to go to it!!!
I had an amazing time. Loved it.
This is an old airplane that is supspended and you get into via wire tubes pictured in the previous pictures.

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