February 10, 2008

Tagged by Heather

4 random jobs that I've (yes, this is KIM) had:
Dairy Keen in Heber, Utah
Lancome makeup artist
Tutor for Anorexia-bulemia clinic
CNA on an Alzheimers Unit (great fun!)

4 Movies that I could watch over and over:
What About Bob
The Pink Panther
White Chicks
Rat Race

4 places I've lived
Cary NC
Phoenix AZ
Logan UT
Pleasant Grove/Highland UT

5 TV Shows that I watch
the Office
Arrested Development
American Idol
Keeping Up Appearances (British comedy!)

4 places I've been
I have driven accross the US to NY (so all the states along the way)
Cancun, Mexico
St. Louis MO
The Sand Dunes in central Utah

5 favorite foods
balsalmic vinegar with sourdough bread
Thai food (coconut curry)
garlic stuffed green olives
Horseradish (YAY!)
Of course Chocolate cake/ice-cream/brownies etc....

I tag Erika, Brittney, Katie, Annie, Chelsea,

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