February 24, 2008

Kim's Master's degree

Also, Kim is starting her master's degree this month; she says she is pretty excited to be working on a 'real' education that is much more career-oriented, but I think she just wants to have a master's degree because I am getting my MBA. No competition there. She'll be getting a Master's degree in Health Professions Education with a Medical emphasis at A.T. Still University and plans on teaching at a junior college or university when she's done. It will take her 20 months to finish and she'll be able to do a lot of it online, which is good as we're gonna be moving around a lot. The program is also a feeder into the Ph.D program so if she wants to, down the road she can do that and it would only take her another 20 months or so. I guess that would mean I would need my Ph.D too... Good luck Kimberly!

"Home of the world’s first osteopathic medical school, established in 1892, A.T. Still University is recognized around the world. A renowned, multidisciplinary healthcare educator, ATSU instills in students the knowledge, integrity, compassion, and hands-on experience needed to address the needs of the whole person. A.T. Still University provides graduate and professional school programs in healthcare fields at campuses in Kirksville, Missouri, and Mesa, Arizona."


Erika Hanks said...

Go Kim! Nice work getting in!

Seth and Brittney said...

Kim is this the school that will kick you out if you get pregnant or was it another one?? Also watch out Jake cuz if Kim wants to teach college she'll have to get a PhD ...so you will too! :) ha ha. Good luck with grad school!

Barb said...

Congrats on grad school Kim! And on your TV fame - thanks for posting clips Jake...stupid earthquake coverage.

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Kim - congrats, that is awesome! I love that there is a campus here and in Missouri -that will be great for you guys this summer. You are such a smarty pants!

Kurt, Jasmine, Daxton, and Jade said...

Jake it is crucial that you never let your wife become more educated than you are. I am glad to see that you are willing to get your PhD if it is needed. It sounds like you guys are doing great. Thats awsome. I am preparing for a trip to las vegas this next week so I was remembering the time we stayed with you family for football. Good times. Talk to you later.


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