June 7, 2007

Moving on......

(This is from our summer trip to Phoenix - Scottsdale Stadium, A's vs Giants)

Well, it seems like I haven't been too diligent with the blog lately, but I resolve to try and do a better job. Life is moving on for me and Kim, she is taking two summer classes, starting June 11th (her birthday), Genetics and Human Anatomy. Hopefully she maintains her sanity, and I think she will. She got a jumpstart on the classes and has been listening to past lectures and taking notes. She'll just have one more class, which she's taking at ASU-West and she will graduate!

Work is good for me, I'll be putting in my 30 day notice soon, and hopefully will be done around the middle of July. I start school at Thunderbird in August, and we will be moving to Glendale around the end of July/first week of August. We are looking forward to the heat and baseball.

Not a whole lot else is new. Hope I didn't miss anything. Keep in touch.


Call Couple said...

Jake, Hey how is it going?? I ran into your blog from someone who left a comment on mine. Sounds like you are doing great! Go Arizona! We will hopefully be moving back there soon! My husband is from AZ and graduated at ASU. Katie and Jed still like their car you sold them :) By the way, this is Shara (Nicholas) Call.

Madsons said...

Yay you finally updated your blog. It was a shock to me today to see if different, I wondered if I typed in the wrong address. Good luck and be sure to tell Kim hi for me


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