June 17, 2007

Family Pictures.....

The last time my family took a 'Family Picture' was right after I got home from my mission, circa 1903 (2003 actually). Needless to say, it had been a long time since we had all been together, cleaned up in a respectable manner, and found someone that could stand us all together to snap a few pics on a decent camera. We also had all grown significantly since the last time, mostly horizontally, although I did increase the length of my curly locks at the request of my wife. Since my youngest brother Nate just got his mission call to California and is leaving in September, that Kim and I will be moving to Phoenix in August, Emily finally had a boy (after 3 girls), Seth was married long enough that we think it will last, and my dad's realization that he's not as immortal as he thought...well, we figured those were enough reasons to make it work.

We went with the classic 'white with jeans' look, and posed overlooking the mighty Bear River in east Tremonton. This picture is just of me and Kim, and then just my siblings (front row - Emily 27, Ashley 14ish?, Sara 16 and back row - Me 25, Nate 18, Seth almost 23). Maybe I'll get a whole family one up soon.

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