September 16, 2006

New Camera Doesn't Impress Masses

After my final semester at USU was paid for by my a portion of my left kidney, I found that I had a small remaining part that I could still use to barter for cash. So I did so, and with new found riches, purchased the first digital camera Kim or I had ever owned. The first picture I took with it, as you can see above, did not produce the rave reviews I had hoped.


Jake and Kim said...

Ummmm...Kim is a babe. Somebody better get a hold of that smokin' woman.

Em said...

mmmmm.... Kim has a donut.... fun! I like looking at Mar's blog, so I'll add yours.

Seth said...

I swear Kim I've never seen you NOT eating.
Love Seth

S&B said...

Kim did you comment on my blog, was that you? Just checking, you're like the only Kimberly I know but I could be forgetting someone . . . HOw was your holiday by the way?


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