July 26, 2008

Next New Favorite Indulgence...

I don't have much time to watch TV anymore, even though previous posts might suggest otherwise, so I have been careful to ensure that my time is spent watching worthwhile shows. John Adams, which was a HBO 7 part mini-series film is my new favorite.

It's based on the book I'm sure you've all seen by David McCullough. It's definitely worth renting and a wonderful glimpse into the life of and struggles of our nations early years. It is a little long, but I have to say that I was blown away and hardly noticed the time. I can't ever recall a production so historically accurate and so thorough and yet so engrossing and personally moving. The music is incredible, the costuming unbelievable and the story is impeccable.

Highly recommended.


Kurt and Jasmine said...

I am interested in checking out the John Adams series. I enjoyed the things I have read about him and Abigail.
In addition, I to am a flight of the concord fan.

Nicole said...

Funny, when I first saw the pictures, I thought you were reading instead of watching tv. Should have known better, I guess. :)

Tad said...

Cracks me up that you're an Arrested Development fan -- love that show!

Hope things are well with you.

j&mmiller said...

I have heard good things about this from others. I was looking at your church history trip pictures. Kim just gets prettier and prettier! Hope all is well

aly said...

kim, whenever youre back in utah we need to have a valley view dorms reunion!!


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