July 5, 2008

Fabulous Fourth!

We had a pretty fun 4th this year. Since we really don't know too many people, Kim and I got out on the town and had a blast.

We went to the Cardinals/Mets games and watched Albert Pujols not hit his 300th home run. He would hit it the next night against the Chicago Flubs.

Roger Hornsby, The Great Bambino and Me.
Then we checked out the fair where we watched the Purina Incredible Dog Team do some tricks, which were pretty incredible.

After, we sat down on the lawn under the St. Louis arch and watched the fireworks show which they shoot off of a barge on the Mississippi. Sorry, no fireworks pics - they just don't do it justice.


haley said...

Sounds like fun, it's good to see how you guys are doing! Take care!

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Awesome!!! Looks like you guys are having a ton of fun. We went to the Mariners game this past weekend (ok, I know they are the worst team in the whole league, but it was still SO FUN, and they actually won, it was a miracle!) I didn't really how much fun baseball games are, we should go to a dbacks game when we get back!

Annette Rogers said...

Hey Kim, so I was just reading your blog and looking at the pictures of the St. Louis Arch...I may be way behind, but are you living there?! Kim if that's the case I wish I had known about it two weeks ago. We just spent two weeks at Cardinal Glennon Hospital with Cambrie. We should have met up and said hi! What are you doing there anyway?


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