March 27, 2008


Me, Mom, Haley
My sister Jennifer
Mom and I
Mom and Dad at formal night
Jan and Darrell at formal night (family friends)
Us in WINDY Ensenada!
Family friends Tyler, Donavan and my sister Sara
My sister Haley at formal night
Jake and I at formal night

fun rock climbing on the boat!


EmWJ said...

Wow! That looks so fun! What a great thing to do with your family while it is still somewhat small!

Madsons said...

Fun stuff! Are you dreading being back in school now after all that fun?

Barb said...

Your hair is getting so long Kim! I love it. Aren't cruises the best!? Someday we'll go again...=)

Annie said...

one word...jealous.

Seth and Brittney said...

Kim did you get extensions?! I thought you just cut your hair? Looks like fun guys... someday we'll go on a cruise too.

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Dang where have I been - I didn't even know you guys went on a cruise! Looks like FUN! You both look great in your formal night getup!


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