December 8, 2007

My Christmas Tree!

If anybody knows me well, they know that I absolutely love Christmas and especially Christmas Trees. I love ornaments and the bright lights on the tree! Here's mine and Jake's tree, hope you enjoy!


Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Wow Kim - you do love Christmas ornaments. That is such a cute Christmas tree and your house looks nice and festive. Oh, and funny pic w/ Jake and the mustache thing. That may even be worse than Spence keeping his mustache for our family pic's!?!

Cody & Nicole said...

Your tree is very cute! I'm glad to see it is packed with ornaments. Cody was afraid I was going to overload ours, so I had to hold back. Yours looks sooo good though... I'm going to have to show it to him to prove him wrong so I can put more ornaments on ours! :)


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