October 1, 2007

the last missionary...

(Seth, Nate, Jake)

Well, the last missionary of my family at least. My littlest brother Nate (the one in the middle) left on his mission to California San Bernadino on September 12th. My other brother Seth is the other kid in the picture, he is down at BYU studying who knows what. And then there's me. I flew up to Utah from lovely Arizona to see him off, it was a lot of fun.


Bryan said...

I feel deeply hurt that you have such a disrespect for the Lord's university. I will allow you to rethink your stance on my beloved cougars before I completely disown you as a friend. You have two days to think it through.

*C said...

Hey Jake! Thanks for leaving the comment on my page. It's good to hear from you {well sorta hear from you, more like read}. Your blog looks great. It's fun to see what you're doing.


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