November 5, 2014


Last week Juliet and I met Jake in Berlin (he was there on business).

I found the history of Berlin to be quite painful and dark. It was nearly overwhelming to fathom and learn about the difficulties and sore trials of this country including WW1 and the deep subsequent economic depression that followed; the rise of Hitler and his  Nazi regime with the belief in superior races which led to the horrific Ethnic cleansing in the form of Jewish concentration camps (among other things); then the Soviet Union literally divided the city with a Wall (Berlin Wall) and ruled with an iron socialistic grasp, all of which prevailed as recent as 1989!!!

Initially as I toured this city I was filled with anger/sorrow/confusion and seemed to feel a palpable heavy weight in the air. However, as I walked and toured more of the city I those negative feelings began to disappear and I began to feel hope.  Everywhere I looked I saw new construction and buildings, laughter and joy, great restaurants and beautiful memorials.  I was truly amazed and touched that a city with such difficulty could change, grow and overcome.  It was through this observation that I feel I have gained a deep belief in the possibility of change.  If an entire country can rebuild, grow, change, love, overcome,  despite their "difficult/horrific upbringing/history" can we not do the same?

I left Berlin a changed and uplifted person, with a lot more hope for our world :)

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