September 17, 2014

Switzerland - Lucerne

I thought I might attempt to re-kindle the blog, in an effort to share a little bit about Switzerland and my experiences here.  If you know me well I am a talker, not a writer.  But I think this will be fun and so many people want to keep updated too about my little peanut JuJu and her adventures.

Juliet has adjusted very well and my favorite moment with her has been when she squealed in utter delight at seeing the swans that are in lake Lucerne.  When Jake, myself and my SIL Emily rounded a corner and before we even saw them, Juliet spotted the swans right away started panting in her silly hyperventilating way and waving her arms and rolling her ankles and then began squealing. The swans were lounging along the side of the lake off a rock embankment.  One large swan, upon our approach, I think was able to feel her adoration, because he started ruffling his feathers and rolling his long neck on his back for her utter enjoyment.  He was preening for her (I am calling it a him, maybe a her??? who knows).  Such a lovely moment for all of us.

I adore the greenery here and the rolling hills and the sound of cow bells throughout the city and the surrounding smaller cities.  The cost of here is quite high, the best description is a tube of L'Oreal mascara was -24 swiss francs in the US I think its about $9.  That NYX dollar brand that we have in the US a palette of eye-shadow was -24 swiss francs ($25.50).  Some things are more similar to the US in price though (hit-or-miss).

Lake Lucerne where I live (not taken by me)

Lake Lucerne and their famous swans ( not taken by me)

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