January 26, 2011

Isla De La Luna and Cocacabana

Legends in Inca mythology refer to the island as the location where Viracocha commanded the rising of the moon. Archeological ruins of an Incan nunnery were found on the eastern shore. This nunnery was  used by the Incan's to house the virgins that they would then sacrifice later.  They had levels of classifications for the virgins, essentially spectacular, medium and regular.  These sacrifices supposedly brought great honor to their families, when they were savagely beaten because they believed their screams would reach the heavens, the louder they were.  A very humbling and quiet, little island gives you a lot to contemplate regarding the many thousands of lost lives and dead Indians from this area.

The picture below is one that I really liked from the Isal del Sol, I think it portrays the flavor of the community really well.

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GMM said...

I'm going to be visiting the area and was wondering if I should visit Isla de la Luna. Do you think it's worth while? I plan on visiting Isla del Sol, of course, but Isla de la Luna seems to be harder and more expensive to reach.


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