February 5, 2010

Ya...it's been over 2 months...

So we haven't blogged in awhile. I know Kim's been all over me to get it done, so sorry this is a lame post with quick recaps. I know the holidays were long enough ago that no one really cares to see our pictures, but I'll give you a tolerable taste and try to forgive and forget. I'll try to keep it current from here on out.

Kim's mom and sister Haley ice-skating in Utah.
The farm cat Dorkus that likes to climb on people.
Kim and her sisters acting normal on Christmas.
The Mahoney Family Christmas party.

With Uncle Sam at the Bitner Christmas party.

Winter weather in northern California.
Kim playing on the Touro University Championship Co-Ed Basketball team!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of you and that cat! That is so funny that it loves to sit on people's shoulders! I am so proud of Kim for playing on her school's basketball team! Awesome!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Cute pictures guys, what the heck that Uncle Sam is one tall dude! It was a lot of fun to see you guys over Christmas, hope to see you again soon!

Marie said...

Geez, it's about time--I've been waiting on the edge of my seat for something new from you guys :) Looks like you had some good holidays. And I espcially love that the cat's name is Dorkus. It totally reminds me of the old classic "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." My favorite line from that movie is "Where's Dorkus?" And I laugh every time. Because it's such a funny name. And this is way too much information. And I'm shutting up now....

Tyler and Sunni said...

Kim I totally miss you like crazy! I'm so glad you guys are so happy in Cali.


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