June 21, 2009

Evening picnic by the Bay..

Not to make everyone else jealous, but Kim and I walked about a half-mile from our front door to have a little Sunday evening picnic. The weather has been beautiful, albeit a little chilly here lately and we wanted to enjoy being so close to some amazing views.

We stopped along the trail for some photo-ops
More pictures at Kim's request (more like command ;)

So we hiked down the hill to the edge of a cliff (smart, I know)

But we got a great view and enjoyed a nice Sunday dinner
Yep, contented. Like the Rizzuto


Thrillsons said...

Those are incredible pictures...it looks like you guys are enjoying San Fran!

Nicole said...

Looks like heaven on Earth to me! What a wonderful way to spend a relaxing Sunday evening. So glad you are enjoying your new neighborhood!!

Renae said...

So beautiful! Glad you guys are liking it there!

Savannah and Braden said...

Geez- it looks so cold! It was probably like 60 F. You guys aren't in the desert no more! It looks super fun! Good luck with everything!

Traeger Tribe said...

Wow! That's all I can say... how fun to be "chilly" too! Seth didn't tell you, but the job he's got a phone interview for is in San Fran :)

The Mumfords said...

You make it sound so romantic! Maybe we could fly Alexa out to you. She sucks the romance right out!


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