March 29, 2009

I love the Jazz...

So I decided to surprise Kim (although it was mostly for me) and take her to the Jazz/Suns game Wednesday night here in Phoenix. We had decent tickets, first row on the upper bowl, which in the Suns arena, isn't too bad. We had a great time, although we had to sit next to some stupid Lakers fans. Oh well. The Jazz played decent, but ended up losing. They made up for it by beating the Suns three days later in Utah.

This is me at our seats with the Lakers fan in the background.

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner before the game and it really was pretty good. Thanks Kim for letting me surprise you with something for me!


Tyler and Sunni said...

What a fun time. Thanks for keeping me updated about the Jazz. I feel a little out of the game here in Ohio.

Traeger Tribe said...

Go Suns! Ok, just had to post that :)

jennsdaisypatch said...

yay I found you guys' blog!!! love it.


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