January 6, 2009

Kill the BCS..

Vote for Utah, for College Football's Sake

The following is an open letter to the 72 members of the media who are entitled to cast votes in the Associated Press college football poll.

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to urge you -- no, implore you -- to cast your final ballot of the season with one team and one only team ranked No. 1: the University of Utah.

I say this not to demean the performance of Southern California, Texas or the winner of Thursday's Oklahoma-Florida game. All are fine teams that have had outstanding seasons. They have, however, one thing that Utah does not have.

A loss.

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1 comment:

Natalie Redd said...

Hi, I found your blog and now I'm a stalker. But seriously, what's up with the BCS? UTES ARE #1!!!


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