December 7, 2008


Jake and I had a great Thanksgiving, my mom, dad and sister Haley came out to AZ to visit us. I was so happy that they were here. We made an amazing thanksgiving dinner, with homemade pomegranate/apple cinnamon cider, spiced sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts (my favorite vegetable), Turkey (of course), corn pudding, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, berry cobbler and pumkin pie. It was fantastic. My mom, Jake and I woke up on Friday morning at 4:30 AM and went shopping. I was sooo fun, to have my mom there to shop with me. I get a little sick of shopping by myself. we got some great deals at Kohls, Target and Dillards (all lucky, calvin klein, and DKNY jeans for $29.99). It was fun. We got in the hot tub and pool a couple of times, played "are you smarter than a 5th grader" and went to Scottsdale. My mom had to leave Saturday for work on Sunday, but my dad stayed till Monday, we went to the Mesa temple and looked at the lights which were fantastic, and the weather was so nice and mildly cold. It was great, we wished mom was there. My sister Sara spent Thanksgiving with her fiance's family in CA, and my sister Jennifer spent Thanksgiving with her boyfriends family and working.

My sister Haley helped me set up my Christmas tree and hang all of the ornaments, it was fun to have her be just as excited as I get about decorating the Christmas tree. Jake only sticks with the ornament part for about 10 minutes and gets a bit bored. I'm so happy he tries to enjoy it though! He actually had a lot of homework to do.

I wanted to post five things that I'm grateful for:

Jake and Jake and Jake hhahahaha J/K

Jake, all of my family, the gospel and revelation, a working car with good gas mileage, and I definitely cannot forget great friends.

Love you all - Kim


EmWJ said...

What a fun post. It sounds like Thanksgiving was wonderful and mmmm, homemade cranberry sauce, sounds divine!

Barb said...

I love your tree Kim! So pretty. And I'm glad you have your books up on the sidebar - I'm always looking for good books to read!

.:Ashley:. said...

oh that sounds way fun i am glad you had such a wonderful time! i miss you and are so so so so exctited to see you for Christmas! love ya


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