May 10, 2008

the JAZZ game!!!!

So along the way on our travels through Utah, my older sister Emily decided to solidify her spot in heaven and get Jazz tickets for Game 3 against the Lakers. So her, Kim and my old man all met in Ogden and hopped on the train and headed to Salt Lake City for the showdown. It was great to ride the train cause we missed all the traffic both going to and coming from the game. (Also I (Jake) was interviewed by both the Standard Examiner (see and the video entitled "Follow our Drew Godleski as he rides FrontRunner to the Jazz game) and a TV station from Spain, Canal +, for my thoughts on the game).

It was an awesome game, very intense and extremely loud the entire time. Some kid named David Archuleta sang the national anthem. The song wasn't too bad, but everyone, including Kim and my sister made a huge fuss over him....anyone heard of him?

Anyways, the Jazz played a decent game and pulled it off in the end, 104 - 99. It was a TON of fun to get to go to a Jazz playoff game and my sister is awesome for pulling it off.

Kim getting ready for the game wearing her new boyfriend's shirt.

Photo op on the train on the way to the game.
View from our seats. Pretty high up, but closer to heaven so our prayers got there first.
David Archuleta singing the national anthem. Apparently none of the Jazz players wanted his autograph.
Mr. Archuleta again. Not a bad singing voice for picking some random kid to sing at the game. Maybe this will help him launch some sort of career.
Jake and Old Man River stoically observing the refs not allow Kobe to be harmed the entire game.


Carole Thayne said...

I can tell by the last photo in the series that it was a really exciting game.

And rest assured Emily has probably already secured her place in heaven, but I wouldn't be so sure yet that you and your dad will be there with her.

Brad said...

What's up guys? What a hard summer for you guys so far! When do you get to MO? Have fun.

Barb said...

We watched that game - stupid refs. Fun you got to go. Give us a call if you have time - we'd love to see you!


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